3-5 Years

Now that your child is beginning to learn to manipulate sounds, words and gestures into a meaningful form of communication, many aspects of a child’s development begin to emerge. Receptive Language skills refer to the ability to understand spoken words and gestures and gain meaning from them. Expressive Language skills refer to the ability to use words and gestures in a variety of grammatical forms to express ideas, needs and wants. Articulation refers to the child’s ability to accurately produce a variety of sounds and is often referred to as a child’s level of intelligibility.

At 3 to 4 years of age your child should be:

  • able to answer simple “who?”, “what?”, “where?” and “when?” questions
  • able to follow 2-3 step directions with linguistic concepts such as “under, behind and next to”
  • able to name objects by descriptors such as function, size and shape
  • using a variety of sentences that have 4 or more words to communicate ideas, needs and wants

At 4-5 years of age your child should be:

  • able to attend to a short story and answer simple questions about the setting, characters and events in a story
  • beginning to understand quantitative concepts up to a set of five and be able to name a few letters
  • beginning to name rhyming words
  • communicating easily and effectively with other children and adults.

How can we help?

As your child begins to develop the foundations for reading, writing and socializing many of our programs can be customized to your child’s needs for continued growth and readiness for school. Programs that would be appropriate for this age group include individual and group speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration, social skills groups, and preschool programs appropriate for their needs including reading readiness and phonemic awareness.